A Short Guide To Snorkeling In Jordan

Snorkeling in Jordan in the calm waters of the Red Sea with a pleasant climate, clear water and a richness of marine flora and fauna is becoming increasingly popular among diving enthusiasts across the globe. The Red Sea along the 17m-long coastline of Jordan boasts of one of the healthiest reefs in the world with its easy accessibility on account of its close proximity to the coast.

The best spots

However, the best area to snorkel is the First Bay and the Tank area. Usually, the one problem most snorkelers encounter and which can prove to be a big sore-spot to an otherwise beautiful snorkeling experience is that of the passing boat-traffic. However, to prevent this problem from limiting the enjoyment of the snorkelers, the entire area has been surrounded with buoys.

The First Bay boasts of a wide expanse of corals with black coral trees, plenty of Cornet fish changing colour in waves, along with multitudes of Parrot fish, which also provide a colourful treat for the eyes.
The tank area is famous for the M40 anti-aircraft tracked vehicle (The Tank) which was scuttled by the Jordan Royal Ecological Society in September 1999 in order to create an artificial reef. It is at a distance of 20m from the shore. Like the First Bay area, the Tank area too has a fringing reef along with lots of intriguing invertebrate life.

The Japanese Garden located to the south of the Wreck Bay provides a great area for snorkeling. Snorkeling from the boat is preferred as it is quite a long swim out from the beach and the area to cross is busy with glass boats and hence dangerous for snorkeling. But on reaching The Japanese Gardens, the area provides a beautiful sight with pinnacles reaching upto the surface. One may find Snowflake Morays, bushes of Black Corals, Lion Fish, Shoaling Basselets and the occasional Barracuda.

Things to keep in mind

Although snorkeling is not inherently a dangerous activity, it has been known to claim lives. Snorkeling doesn’t require any special skill rather just the ability to swim and breathe through a snorkel. However, in order to avoid any accident, safety precautions, instructions or orientation from an experienced snorkeler or tour guide should be kept in mind. An overwhelming number of accidents happen to the people who snorkel alone, therefore, swimming with a group, a friend or a guide is always recommended.

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