Affordable Packages For Jordan Classic Tours

Experience an intriguing journey to Jordan, this unique travel destination has a lot to offer a traveler. Explore an overwhelming array of historical sites and spectacular geographical specters worth witnessing. Jordan is a distinctive travel destination which possesses its own unique relevance for curious wanderer. Framed with an ancient past, this intriguing travel spot offers wide variety of tours. If you want to the best of Jordan, avail Jordan classic tours and visit few of the most engrossing tourist places of this miraculous country.

Catch glimpses of Jordan classic tours
Jordan classic tours take the travelers past few of the exotic destinations of Jordan like Wadi Rum, Petra and Dead Sea. Before you head towards the Dead Sea, Wadi Rum will throw open a window to fantastic views which will captivate your eyes. The roads of Wadi Rum will take the eager roamers past the beautiful desert scenery. Home to nomadic Bedouin people the deeper you go the more adventurous your trip will become. Spend a night in the tented Bedouin camps lit by lanterns……this spot will be classic in itself.

Don’t miss to visit Petra!
Journey to Petra, the sandstone city and catch breathtaking glimpses of this lost city. Visit this city sprinkled with tombs, temples, palaces and edgy cliffs. This red rock city will be worth a travel, as it offers a traveler with an array of sites never witnessed before. Uncover the beauty of the natural canyon that will greet you at the entrance of this city. Few of the monuments you must visit are the Triumphal arch, Pharaoh’s Castle, Monastery and the Amphitheater. Petra will be the most dramatic city to witness.

Witness the Dead Sea
Touching the lowest point on earth and having the highest levels of salinity, the Dead Sea is a specter worth witnessing. The place will be enchanting to the eyes of a traveler.
Classic tours to Jordan will offer you with the archetypical side of this absorbing travel spot.

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