Discovering The Rich Treasures of Jordan on Horseback

The adventurous land of Jordan has various romantic associations; from the hidden and unexplored city of Petra to Lawrence of Arabia. This mysterious land offers you the fantastic opportunity to discover and explore the treasures of the country on horseback. Discover incredibly stunning locations and get up close and personal with the landscape and culture of Jordan. Get off the beaten path and discover Jordan how it was meant to be…on horseback!
Galloping across Jordan on a horse back

Wadi Rum reflects the moonscape of primitive valleys alogng with the high rising weathered sandstone mountains that reach the sky with both pink and white colored sand. While rigoding on a horse all through Wadi Rum, you can view the Bedouin way of life while cantering across the plains. Galloping over the old caravan roads simply offers you the experience of encountering a completely different world. You can discover the marvelous rock formations all the way down to the Saudi Arabian border. A horse riding tour in Jordan is simply unforgettable!
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