Explore Jordan With Exotic Eco Tours

Whenever we think of a holiday in Jordan, the mind automatically generates the imagery of vast deserts, the Dead Sea and ancient structures. However, there is one aspect of tourism here, which has not been well-explored as yet. And that is the Eco Tourism in Jordan. Apart from the Eco Tours of Petra and Wadi Rum, the topography of this country is also endowed with exotic green landscape and wildlife. The Eco Tours in Jordan not only provide an escape into the wilderness but also offer thrilling activities such as trekking and hiking.

The major destinations in Jordan for nature lovers are:

  • Azraq Wetland Reserve- Situated in eastern desert region of Jordan, Azraq Wetland Reserve is an oasis, which is a halt for many migratory birds travelling between Asia and Africa. The major attractions of this wetland reserve are the natural pools and ancient man made water reservoirs, seasonal marshlands and a mud flat.
  • Shawmari Wildlife Reserve- Located around 125 km east of the famous city Amman, Shawmari Wildlife Reserve is a breeding centre for many animal species of Middle East that are on the verge of extinction. A very rare species, Arabian Oryx, is native to this region and found in great numbers. Tourists can enjoy bird-watching and safaris through the reserve.
  • Mujib Nature Reserve- This exotic location is very popular amongst the tourists for adventure sports such as rock climbing and canyoning. The hiking trails offer exciting journeys through cascading waterfalls and rivers. This trail is popularly called ‘Lost Trail to the Dead Sea’.

The Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature (RSCN) has made significant efforts in preserving the wildlife of Jordan. It has been internationally recognized for creating business for local people though eco-tourism and is worth exploring for the rewarding experience it offers.

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