Scuba Diving Sites In Jordan

The coast of Jordan along the Red Sea, with its bounty of diving sites, made even more spectacular with a gorgeous coral reef stretch and multiple underwater ship wreck sites flatter the imagination of divers desirous of Scuba Diving in Jordan. Most of the scuba diving sites of Jordan are centred along its 17 mile coastline situated around the Gulf of Aqaba. The sea in the gulf of Aqaba is almost invariably calm with its temperature varying between 19/20°C during winters to 26°C during summers. The coral reef consists of a variety of marine life and slopes steeply to more than 50m at just a 100m distance from the shore. There are more than 30 diving sites in Jordan. Most of these sites are near the shore with soft corals and filter feeders proliferating due to strong currents.

The Aqaba Marine Center was established in 2002 in the interest of future generation of scuba divers in order to preserve the natural beauty of the coral reefs for them. Since shore access is being restricted by coastal tourism development , boat diving is becoming increasingly significant and necessary. Nitrox and technical diving are the latest additions to the world of scuba diving in Jordan and have enabled further explorations.

The Red Sea Marine Peace Park is one of the most spectacular diving locations in the world with its all year round calm and pleasant weather , great water transparency and richness of marine life and corals .

Some of the moat famous diving sites include Power Station, Cazar Reef , Eel Garden , King Abdullah Reef , Yellowstone Reef, Japanese Gardens, Moon Valley , Kalli’s place etc.
The ship wrecks include, the wreck of Cedar Pride, which is rather famous among divers and a great spectacle for photography enthusiasts. The wrecks of Tyaiyong ( scuttled in 1999) and Al shorouk (scuttled in 2008) are ideal for technical divers breathing air.

Marine Life

Scuba diving in this country offers a visit to the rich marine life of the Gulf of Aqaba in the Red Sea. Hard and Soft coral can be found a plenty along with an occasional green sea turtle with a reef-specific variety of fish species. Although coral reefs across the world are constantly suffering a considerable amount of damage on account of global warming and human intervention, the coral reefs in Jordan fair quite well. Frog fish, Scorpion fish, Glass fish , turtles and Napoleon Wrasse and Octopus can be seen in the Power Station reef area. Lion fish, Grey Morays, Flounders, Dragonets and Puffer fish can be seen in the Cazar Reef and many other fish and coral species can be seen throughout the region and serve as a great attraction for divers.

Help and Guidance

Like most adventure sports scuba diving has minimal risk, however, complacency should be avoided and safety guidelines and procedures should be strictly adhered to in order to ensure a safe-diving experience. Alternobaric Vertigo, Decompression sickness, Oxygen Toxicity, Salt Water Aspiration are some problems that one can encounter while scuba scuba diving . Most of these problems can be avoided by adhering to the safety guidelines and following the instructions given by the scuba diving instructor.

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